Our illustrious director Matt & even more illustrious DOP Isaac!

Another set photo from A Tree Stands Alone!

That’s a wrap! Finished the final day on A Tree Stands Alone!

Day three on location for A Tree Stands Alone

@eloji1 just dropped his new EP, it’s pretty rad! Head over to his bandcamp page to download it! https://eloji.bandcamp.com/album/fuck-you-too-bad

This 6 minute tracking shot is just awesome… If you haven’t watched True Detective yet, watch it. Just finished the series tonight, and my god does it show that tv has surpassed cinema in every way!

Have a think about this before you hire a “professional” photographer or videographer.

There are far too many people out there who just buy a camera & become a “professional photographer/videographer”. When hiring them, ask them what their overheads are, and most importantly, ARE THEY TRAINED? (Not just a weekend course in landscape photography…)

When I quote a price to a client, I take into factor overheads such as camera & lens costs, lighting equipment, audio gear, computers, editing software, business costs & taxes, travel expenses, and the most important one UNIVERSITY DEGREE training costs. 

But these “professionals” usually underquote quite significantly e.g. $100 for a full day shoot with edit & images (24+ hours of work), or edit and video (2+ weeks of full work). So because of this, when I quote someone for a shoot or a video, I usually get the “That’s so expensive” response from the client because they have been dealing with these people who have no experience or training, and usually have just purchased a camera and have become a “professional” because their friends think their time-lapse landscape photos look nice.

But trust me, if you skimp on a qualified photographer/videographer for cost, I guarantee you that you’ll be disappointed in the results. For example, I’ve talked to several brides who have had nightmare experiences when hiring a cheap, unqualified photographer, who ultimately ruined their special day with sub-par work.

Please, read this article before you hire a photographer or videographer.