Rest in peace, Big X.

Let’s get a trend going of posting receipts of donations to MND. This helps more than me posting a stupid video pouring water over my head. Go to & donate now!

Holy haberdashery, Batman! We’ve hit over 300 likes in less than a week after our page went live on Facebook!!!

Test shoot went well! Head over to @indiegogo & give us your dollar dollar bills y’all 💵💴💶

Test shoot for Furniture Friend today!

Rest in peace. O captain! My captain!

Hey everybody over here! We’re on Indiegogo!

Check out our page, have a look at some of the madness perks on offer and donate lots of money! Also watch our video to get an insight into the film, and hear the sweet melodic tunes of Isaac Bakker’s song “The Thing About Being Alone”.

Love, Josh & the Furniture Friend crew!

Hey guys, here’s first image for the short film I’m working on as director of photography. If you want to keep up to date with how the production is going, head over to our Facebook page & hit the like button! Our crowd funding page will be online very soon too! Check out our Facebook page at

Michael Klim giving a speech at the Brainwave 20 Years anniversary event!